Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Devon with the new background

Well here's my dreamy lady (I've named her Devon) with her new background and stamping. I'm quite pleased with the way she's turned out. I really enjoy Ady's classes they're fantastic and I always learn something new from her.

A class from Dreamy Ladies (Ady Almanza)

This is my first effort from Ady's Dreamy Ladies class which I've been meaning to get around to for some time. This isn't quite finished yet but I like the way she's coming along and I though I'd take a photo now before I mess it up ... it has been known, many times, lol. I now need to add some stamping but I'm going to add white acrylic to the backgound first to provide a base to stamp on - not quite what Ady did, just deviating from her version a little bit.

Week 8 - Darcy's Postcard Challenge - Cuba

My favourite week so far. I really enjoyed doing this one. I chose Che Guevara as my inspiration for Cuba, watched The Motorcycle Diaries not long ago and really loved the film. I learnt that I should reverse the image before I use it as an image transfer (if it has writing on it) - up the backwards revolution, lol. I really like the faded grungy look that it's created.

Week 10 - Darcy's Postcard Challenge - Canda

I could've done better here but I was really trying my hardest to catch up with the postcard challenge this weekend while I had time on my hands. I wanted to do another try on the Canada theme (maybe I will at some point) but for now here's my effort. It was an image transfer which didn't go quite to plan but hey ho ...