Thursday, 7 June 2012

Your chance to be a fairy

... Jay the Viking is producing a video on fantasy/fae art. Click here for your chance to be immortalised as a fairy on the cover of his DVD.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Another Lifebook Lesson

I am going to have to come back to this one to let you know who put the tutorial up for this, I'm sorry I can't remember but it was a fabulous lesson and I learnt a lot by doing this. There were a lot of processes involved and it was quite messy in parts but it was very enjoyable and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

Jodi Ohl's Lesson - Week 20

Jodi's lesson was really interesting, a technique I really enjoyed and something I can see myself using in my journals in the future. It created such a lovely effect.

Wk 21 Rhomany's Lesson on Lifebook

I absolutely loved Rhomany's lesson on Lifebook a week or so ago. It was based on the very intricate art of Audrey Kawasaki who creates the most beautiful paintings - here's her website. She also creates the most beautiful cut out ATC work, very intricate indeed, true works of art in their own right - a few examples can be seen here on the 'doodle' area of her website. Her art is extremely feminine and in a way innocently sexual - very beautiful pieces. I would so love to own some of her work.

Fairy Headdress

Very soon the fairies, merfolk and pirates will be gathering once again in Cornwall to party and frolic for a weekend of summer festivities. I have been making costumes, wings and other bits and bobs for the weekend. Here's the headdress I've made for the first day of the event. I will post up the costume when it's finished.