Friday, 25 September 2015

Found a wonderful new craft

So excited to share a new craft I found at  Westpoint Craft Fair today.  It's such a versatile form of sculpting fabric with glaze, varnish and pigment and so much fun to do.  Here's my first attempt below

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Made for a friend

Unfortunately I didn't get this finished in time for a friend's birthday but, it's done now.  My friend likes to spend her summer weekends at her caravan.  As the summer season is coming to an end I thought she might appreciate this applique to remind her of her summer weekend home.

Friday, 11 September 2015

A major project begins

I've been meaning to start this Lynette Anderson Cherry Tree quilt for some time. I was recently given a voucher to spend at Cowslip Studios in Launceston by some lovely crafting friends that clearly know where to shop. This family run business is based in gorgeous rural Cornwall and prides itself in stocking a wide range of quilting and craft fabrics.  Cowslip Studios also run a wide range of workshops, mostly fabric based but also include other crafts too. To top it all they have a fabulous little cafe which serves lovely lunches, cakes and beverages, making this a wonderful place to visit for a fabric obsessed crafter, such as myself. One beautiful summer's day last last month, I took the opportunity to visit and, quite by chance Cowslip had an exhibition of quilts. There was some stunning work on display and I found it so inspiring. I came away fully fired up to begin my project.

I bought some beautiful batik prints which are lending themselves beautifully to the flowers in Lynette's design. It isn't easy cutting fabric with limited space but I cleared the kitchen table and made a start. Now the pretty bits begin, I'm really enjoying the applique on these little flowers.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Quilty dresser protector with heart applique

Who would've thought recuperating from breast cancer surgery could be this much fun? Certainly sorts your head out and stops you from dwelling on your cares and worries. I made this dresser protector because I wanted something pretty to look at each morning and also because I wanted a project small enough to cope with post surgery.  I applique the hearts whilst I didn't have much arm movement and then tackled the quilting as soon as I could move my arms without pain. Love the way it turned out.  I added a pocket to the end to store hair brushes, clips and combs.