Monday, 22 October 2012

Clear Joy

Hi there peeps, I've not posted for a while mostly because life has been pretty hectic in one way or another. I've been away on a wonderful art retreat called Call of the Wild Soul, set in beautiful Somerset with four wonderful artists from the USA and about 60 other artists who were just such an inspiration to be around. I'll be posting on that in the near future, showing you what I created etc. but there's a lot of info to get through there so I'm taking my time (might give you a preview before the main post). I've recently joined a Rumi quotes challenge which is great fun. This first journal page was in response to Rumi's quote on Clear Joy. The quote isn't that clear but it reads "Do not give your heart to anything but the love of those who are clear joy. Do not stray into the neighborhood of despair. For there are hopes. They are real. They exist. Do not go in the direction of darkness. I tell you: Suns exist."