Thursday, 14 February 2013

More glassmaking

A few weeks back I attended an all-day glass workshop just over the Tamar in Cornwall. We did some fused glass work and also some dichroic glass jewellery making - a very beautiful sparkly type of glass which really appeals to part-time fairies such as myself. Amanda, our instructor, doesn't run these workshops very often so I was very lucky to get a place, along with two lovely ladies, on one of her rare workshops. I would give Amanda's website details here but she doesn't have one. Amanda trades on a small basis through craft fairs part-time and the rest of the time she's a teacher in an infant school. Amanda's teaching skills really came across in her instruction method - she was very clear and encouraging. As well as providing great tuition she also provided a gorgeous lunch. The time went so fast as it tends to do when you are totally absorbed in something and really enjoying what you're doing and all too soon it was time to depart. Amanda told us it would take a few weeks for us to receive our finished articles in the post as they had to be fired in the kiln and then she glued them to the jewellery findings etc. Anyhoo .... on my return from work this evening, sitting inside my front door was a lovely little parcel - all my glass waiting to be discovered. Very often the colour of the glass changes in the kiln process so I was really looking forward to seeing how my pieces turned out. For my second attempt at glasswork I was delighted and I definitely progressed from my first attempt as I even cut the glass myself this time. The photos don't do the colours justice and the watery winter light is absolutely rubbish to take photos by in the later afternoon. Maybe I'll take more at the weekend and update them here. For now here's some photos.

Dichroic pendant on black

Earrings on black

Fused Glass Lightcatcher

Necklace and earrings set
Fused glass coaster
Fused Glass Pendant (with dichroic glass)


  1. Wow, Dee, those are amazing, especially love the first pendant Lots of love xx

  2. Thanks peeps, as long as you can cut glass you can do these - it's easy peasy honestly :)

  3. Wow these are gorgeous! I love the light catcher especially x