Sunday, 5 February 2012

Another Lifebook Moment

The next Lifebook exercise was brought to us by Bonnie Rose Bryan. It was about Harmony - the Dark and Light Goddesses within us. It is important to understand that it’s not about good and bad, right and wrong – it’s more about the yin and yang the opposing opposites of our soul light – the forces that drive our passions in life. Think of it as the Sun and Moon of our character. We were asked to pick Goddesses to represent our personal qualities, beliefs or activities that represent us. It took me a long time to decide upon the two characters that would represent the yin and yang in my life but in the end I went back to my Celtic pagan roots – the May Day Maid of Beltane to represent the eternal hope that I feel exists in me, the renewal, the healing, persistent part of me that won’t give up. The other side of me is the All Hallows Crone. The Crone is seen by many as a derogatory term for an elderly lady. Here I’m using the word Crone in its true sense. In Pagan lore, the image of the older woman is positive and powerful, the ones who are mistresses of witchcraft and magic, keepers of the secrets of life and death, such as the Celtic Anu. I am not strictly a pagan but I like the philosophy of revering nature, protecting our planet and drawing upon the earth energy to sustain us. I also like to uphold the idea of the sacred feminine, the power and inherent strength of the female (most religions/belief systems do not value the feminine at all). The Crone represents knowledge and drawing on the actual experience of life to survive. Thank you Bonnie for a really thought provoking and exciting class.

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  1. Simply beautiful piece of work and I love your glamourous crone xx