Friday, 17 February 2012

Some work in February 2012

These are some of the pages that may be finised. I say 'may be finished' because very often I revisit pages I think I've finished, some time later and add more detailing or words - whatever appeals to me at the time.

The first is a double page spread on my Top 10 Pet Hates. I'm surprised that I listed "taps left running" at No 10 as it's actually is much nearer the top of my list than that - probably my No 3.

This next page was painted over a page of writing about how I felt on a certain day regarding what had happened to my health. Cancer does change your life forever, but not everything is negative.

The final piece was inspired by Violette and an exercise from her wonderful book Journal Bliss.

It's a piece I keep coming back to as I'm really not sure it's finished. It seems to be crying out for something ... a border perhaps?

I've also been doing more work inspired by the wonderful Adrianna Almanza - who gives me so much joy with the work that she creates. These pieces are inspired by her big eyed dolls. Please may I ask that if anyone copies her style (as I see so many people doing with Ady's work, and with that of Suzi Blu's work, that they respect the artist that inspired them and always reference back to those that deserve some credit).


  1. Some beautiful artwork Dee. Love the last two especially.

  2. These are so beautiful Dee and I agree with you on so many of your pet hates especially the one about holidays (when I worked at the hospital I was expected to work every Christmas and every Easter and all bank holidays on the grounds that I had no children and it use to drive me nuts as I still had family I might have liked to have seen during a holiday period!!!! Oh dear you have sparked off one of my rants now and don't get me started on the expectation that I would do unpaid overtime to provide cover everytime their children were off sick from school!!!)

    Thankyou for turning off the evil word verification LOL!!!!

    Karen x