Thursday, 2 January 2014

A very creative start to 2014

Happy New Year to anyone that might be reading this - I hope you had a good one. This year has been very creative so far. One of my aims (rather than resolutions) this year, is to complete the projects I've started and never got round to finishing. For example, in 2012 I started a writing course with the Writing Bureau, so far I've only completed two assignments - I have until 2015 to finish the other assignments (I think there are 12). Secondly, when I was about 25, I began to make three quilted cushion covers and they subsequently found themselves in loft for the last 20 years. This Christmas I pulled them out of the loft and yesterday I completed the two duck panels and made them into cushions - here they are
Here is the star patchwork panel that needs to be completed
I began the Lifebook 2014 course run by Tamara Laporte today and started with the Week One Warm up exercise which was designed to make us loosen up, explore colour and some background techniquest to get over the fear of the white page. This was my result.
Finally I've been making a few pairs of fingerless gloves while watching the TV the last couple of evenings.
If only I always had the time and resources to be this create .... my dream :)


  1. A nice surprise to see you pop up in my blog reader this evening Dee and with so many lovely things to look at. Looking forward to meeting you in March :o)

  2. Lovely Dee. The cushions are fabulous.
    I love your warm up page :)
    Could you let me know how much you would charge for a pair of those gloves honey?

  3. Oh those cushions are gorgeous - lovely to see you blogging again xxx

  4. Wow talk about a productive creative start to 2014!! Must be so nice to finally get those projects finished....what a sense of achievement!!!

  5. You have finished one project already which is amazing! Well done and good luck with the rest x